– 13/01/17

For idoc, it is always of importance that our employees maintain a full overview of our services, projects and each other’s work. Therefore, we had a seminar on January 13, where Victoria Ichizli-Bartels gave a presentation on S1000D and its meaning for technical publications.

At the moment, Victoria works on a project for a big customer. We are going to inform you soon on what this project is about.

S1000D is an international specification for producing and managing technical publications using the concepts of data modules and a common source data base. The content created in conformance with S1000D can be produced once and reused many times in various types of manuals and also for various formats, both traditionally printed and advanced electronic interactive ones.
In Denmark, S1000D is commonly used at the Danish Defence and a number of Danish companies, who produce technical information for defence organizations.

If you would like to know more about S1000D, you are always welcome to contact us.