Sometimes a decision between choosing a new employee or consultant may be difficult. In the following short text, we would explain you why and when you should go for a consultant.

First, you need to evaluate whether you strive for additional employee working at your place or the work can be done at an external office. Second factor is to consider, are you looking for a long-term assistance with steady amount of work or just help during your peak periods, where the tasks exceeds your capabilities and you need at least one additional pair of hands.

Sometimes it can be a choice between competences in house or experienced consultants. Other times it’s a question about get the work done in time causes peak periods.

But most important is that you’re focusing on what you are doing best, so you are optimizing your revenue and developing your company!

Often not all competences are profitable to have at a daily basis and can make sense to outsource – for instance, it can be 3D modelling, documentation or other various tasks. In a cooperation with a consultant office you can get many competences you need to utilize in different periods. In peak times, a consultant can ensure you get the work done before deadline and provide the quality of the work is according to your customers demand.

The consultant work either at your office or in one of our offices – everything depends on you. The delegated task will be done anyway, and it can be performed either on daily basis cooperation or in close contact with you to satisfy your expectations.

Of course, it would not all the time be the best solution to choose a consultant, are there enough work to be done by an additional person, it would be cheaper to hire a full-time employee than a consultant.

A consultant is only paid per hour work he is doing, it’s means that you are not going to pay for day lost through sickness, parental leave, pension, write insurance, holiday pay, courses and meetings or licenses to programs and office space.

Some costs and investments aren’t necessary to make additional work/projects done. Give us a call at +45 20 60 50 82 and then we would find a solution there would fit to your company.