idoc are celebrating 1 year in Ballerup

idoc ballerup fylder 1 år

In November 2017 we opened a department in Ballerup as a natural step on the way of our expansion plan.
Furthermore, we have experienced an increase in the demand for our products, and therefore it made sense to expand to Sjælland.
The department in Ballerup was primarily opened to minimize the distance to the Danish Defence, with whom we have a skeleton agreement. The expansion to Sjælland has also brought us closer to our civil customers on Sjælland.

Since our opening of the Ballerup office, the demand for our services has increased further, we have proudly received our 4’th Gazelle prize from Boersen and welcomed more qualified employees.
Our department in Ballerup has made it possible to maintain the high quality of our services all over Denmark.

From the start, Steffen Karlshøj was the daily manager of the Ballerup department. In September, the team welcomed Ricki Borup as Head of Sales. Steffen is an educated production technologist and has been working at idoc for the past 7 years. Steffen´s great knowledge of our intern processes has created a solid foundation for the start-up of the department in Ballerup. Ricki is an electrician and further as an engineer. His technical competences make him able to assistance our costumers with technical support.

Our department in Ballerup is also working with product development, 2D-drawing, 3D-modelling, Drawings for Production, Manuals and CE-Marking for our customers at Fyn and Sjælland.

Like the rest of the company, idoc in Ballerup is expanding, and we are looking forward to bringing excellent service to our new customers, and welcome new and competent profiles to our team, so we can meet the demands for our products in the future.