Intern at idoc

praktikant hos idoc

Kristian Kops has got an insight into how it is to be a Production Technology at idoc as an intern

Kristian has been an intern at idoc for 10 weeks. You can read more about Kristian’s internship and how a normal day at idoc works.

Name: Kristian Kops
Age: 27 years
EducationProduction Technology

How did you in your internship use the skillset you have from your education?
In a fantastic way! I have certainly used my knowledge from the study, but my knowledge has been challenged, which means that I learned a lot from my internship at idoc.

How did a typical day at idoc look like?
idoc has giving me a dynamic internship compared to assignments. I have had a lot of different assignments in my work area, and the assignments keep coming. That is why my internship has been a period with a lot of learning experience. Compared to if I only have worked with the same assignment 10 weeks in a row.

Which tasks was you assigned at idoc?
Most of my tasks was about 3D modelling. Combined with 3D modelling I worked with 3D presentation, exploded view and drawings for collecting. I have made practical measurements also, both for control and as a basis for drawings. In addition, I was presented with assignments related to manuals also, guides, inspection reports, and programs such as photoshop and AutoCAD.

What did you learn in your internship at idoc?
My knowledge for the tools such as programs and methods from the study has been extended. Otherwise I have got knowledge into many new tools also.

How is it to be an intern at idoc?
At idoc I have met many skilled employees with a lot of experience, which means that I have got a lot of knowledge. They always have the solution for the problems and they helped me if needed. Furthermore, I felt welcome at the office. To be social isn’t one of my strong skills, then it was great that they compensate it for me.

How can you get the most out of your internship as an intern?
I think you should see the internship as the last part and opportunities to get knowledge for your profession before the study ends and we need to find a job. With that option you can exploit your internship and influence the tasks and get help to be better. Then it is all about the challenged tasks.

Have your internship helped you in which direction you want to go?
My internship has given me an insight into how it is to be a product engineer. For me the direction is still clear and I still want the same.

idoc want to congatulate Kristian and wish him good lock with the project and the upcoming exam.