Embedded Software

At idoc A/S we have taken the strategic choice about wanting to offer Embedded Software to our customers. We are now a full-service supplier and can, so to say, take a step further towards becoming ‘The House of Knowledge’ we vision ourselves as – A house of knowledge which can supply our customers within “all” technical disciplines.

Embedded Software is an extra performance, a part of a larger package of competencies, which is beneficial and targeted towards our customers wishes and needs of assistance within mechanical and electrical engineering. It could for example be assistance regarding a machine building project.

More value for customers

With this new initiative, and still prevailing form of software, we’ll be adding greater value to our services – A value which our customers will notice – right now but also in the future.

The list of competencies that are attached to this service reflects great scientific breadth and depth within Embedded Software.

We can offer competencies within the following areas:

As seen above idoc A/S offers a great field of knowledge, which can be tailored and suited to fit our customers specific needs within automation and management of complex industrial plants, in the present and in the future.

If you have questions regarding our services, abilities or previous cases, please contact one of the key employees below