At idoc, we have extensive experience with companies that produce equipment and machines for the food industry. We have comprehensive knowledge within refrigeration equipment, the construction of conveyor belts, and optimization of products that require thorough cleaning. We provide our business partners with valuable feedback, input, and provide the needed overview of the production, which allow us to create innovative solutions and products together.

We provide key OEMs within the food industry with our expertise and experience with the development of machines for the food industry. As a business partner, our focus is to make sure that our partners’ products abide by international standards, that the machines are safe, and that they are easy to clean.

Some of our contributions for the Food Industry:

  • Production of 3D models of piping system for a major refrigeration storage facility
  • Development of and documentation for the production of equipment for the food industry
  • Providing project managers who assisted in configuring production records and documentation
  • Production of 3D models for products such as mixers, tanks in stainless steel, conveyor belts, etc.
  • Production of working and sales drawings for products in the food industry

We have experience within all phases of machine development for the food industry and optimization of machine safety. We can provide you with the production of technical documentation, 3D models, and with CE marking consultants. With detailed installation and maintenance manuals, we will ensure that your customers get the best out of your products.

We can deliver project managers, engineers, or consulting services in peak periods. Our engineers and technical designers will help you optimize the safety of your machines, make sure that they are easy to maintain and clean, and help you reduce the cost of the production.