We are experienced within the field of electrical design and electrical installations, we work with several manufacturers and developers of electrical and automated products. Our experience and competencies make us more than capable of handling entire projects or parts of projects regarding logistics and automation.

Some of our contributions within logistics and automation:

  • Production of documentation and 3D models to ensure production.
  • Project Management
  • Design and development process of automated products.
  • Designing of electrical installations and the production of installation manuals.

idoc provide consultants and technical support to major manufactures of speakers, lighting system, manufactures of lifts for wheelchair users, and other mobility-impaired units. We perform documentation, which will ensure the best outcome regarding the product and offering the best user experience. With our services, whether it concerns mounting and installation manuals for lifts or 3D models and work drawings for quality speakers, you can focus on your core objectives, while we will create the best product for your customers.

Our project managers have also contributed to the production and design of storage equipment for one of Europe’s leading logistic firms. idoc’s project managers served as the connection between the different projects around Europe and helped evaluate budgets, manage the purchase of components for the construction of conveyor belts, ensuring an overview for the customers’ expectations, and keeping deadlines.

With idoc’s expertise within documentation and 3D modeling, we can assist you in ensuring the right and most optimal electrical design and production. Our technical managers can assist your company from our offices in Aalborg, Vejle, Ballerup, and Poland or as an integrated part as your departments.