idoc develops computer-based training (E-learning) for both large and small companies.

Computer-based training functions as visual learning and is efficient and convenient for you and your employees.

When we develop E-learning education, we often base it on 3D models of products and adapt training material to the needs of your company. We can integrate tests as a part of courses for helping participants or they can function as final tests.

E-learning can be used for developing employee competencies, instruct new employees in specific installation or maintenance methods for your products or machines, and as a visual manual for your customers.

E-learning is the successor to traditional classroom teaching, which will help your company become more competitive in this technologically advanced world. It is a visual and interactive learning method that combines features such as narration, animation, film, and text. E-learning offers users the opportunity to complete courses at their own pace and when convenient.

E-learning courses can be developed for PC and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

The courses are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Benefits of education and training materials

  • Visual learning provides the user with a more detailed understanding of, e.g., an installation method or a specific product. Whether used as a supplement for manuals and textbooks or stands alone as the only learning material, the visual medium can give the participant a better insight into the learning material.
  • It is a more efficient training method, as you do not have to take an employee out of a project or production to train or guide new employees or customers.
  • It is much more convenient than traditional education as it does not require a physical classroom.

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