At idoc, we are specialists in preparing and producing technical documentation. We produce documentation according to your requirements and needs. We will even handle your documentation. We can develop working drawings to be used within manufacturing processes and documentation for finished products.

The increasing Danish and international requirements on product documentation means that the development of high-quality documentation is an increasingly important part of product development. At idoc, we have the expertise, skills, and experience to manage your documentation. The documentation we develop is of high quality, reliable, and complies with all legal requirements.

We offer the following services within technical documentation:

Installation manuals
Operation manuals
Spare parts catalogs
Technical Assistance
CE Marking

Working/production drawings

If you are developing a new product idoc can deliver documentation of the entire production. We can help with the development of prototypes, production preparations and work out the necessary drawings.

Ambiguity is essential when passing on requirements for the product to the manufacturer. It is the key to proper manufacturing of the product. If you outsource manufacturing to a company in another country, the use of GPS-standards can be of great value because of their international acknowledgement.

Tolerancing of working drawings for mechanical work pieces is made with four different types of geometric characteristics and associated tolerances. Today, these four tolerancing types are integrated and coordinated in the GPS system (Geometric Product Specifications). The tolerancing types are the following:

            • Dimensions and dimensional tolerances (linear dimensions and angular dimensions)
            • Geometric tolerances (shape, direction, location and reflection)
            • Surface condition (roughness (R-profile), sway (W-profile), and P-profile)
            • Properties of edges and corners

At idoc, we are very attentive of the dates and version’s numbers, and we quality validate the drawings before they are delivered.

Installation manuals

Installation of individual components or complete installations can be secured easily and systematically in an installation manual. idoc can help you create an installation manual that is customized to your structure and working practices. idoc can also help prepare installation manuals that comply with various ISO standards. (Get in contact for more info on the subject).

Installation manuals can be combined with other manuals e.g., operation manuals, spare parts catalogs etc. This ensures easy and smooth installation of products whether it regards a complete installation or the installation of a single component.

Maintenance manuals

Have your work maintenance processes, procedures, and materials gathered in a maintenance manual. This will ensure the user a clear, optimal, and quick workflow. We create illustrations in maintenance manuals created in 3D models to create easy recognizability and allow for easy updates of the manual. A good manual ensures proper maintenance of the product so it will have a longer service life and lower operational costs.

Operation manuals

idoc can provide operation manuals that describe how the end-user should operate a machine. The operation manual is based on your needs with your end-user in mind. We can customize the manual to be in line with an already existing layout or we can create a completely new layout and structure.

When the operation manual is complete, we can integrate into other technical manuals that are related to the same product. It may be spare parts catalogue, maintenance manuals, or training manuals. In this way, all information concerning the use and maintenance of the product will be available in one place. This will ensure an easy and clear installation process of both individual components and complete installations.

Spare part catalogs

Do you need a spare parts catalog for your product in digital or printed format?

If so, idoc is the right, experienced supplier.

We produce spare parts catalogs, both in PDF and HTML formats. New spare parts catalogs that we create from scratch are based on component lists, technical drawings, and dialogues with your engineers. If you already have an existing spare parts catalog but need it to be updated, or you need ongoing updating, then we can maintain it for you. We can also create a new design and make it easy and simpler to navigate in.

At idoc, we have extensive experience in creating spare parts catalogs ranging from a few pages to 1000 pages. It means everything that a catalog is updated regularly with the latest drawings, component numbers, and that there are individuals who have an overview of the documentation within. We provide this service and ensure that your catalogs and manuals are always updated and easy to manage.

Interactive spare part catalogs

We can make catalogs interactive to simplify navigation and to make them easier to browse. We can design catalogs according to your requirements and needs, and we will assist you with suggestions regarding their composition and structure.

CE - Marking

Do you have a product that requires CE marking? Let idoc instruct you on the process. We help you by determine which directives apply to your product or if the product complies with safety requirements. idoc can prepare the required technical documentation so that the product can meet all legal requirements.

The CE mark process consist, roughly speaking, of these six steps:

  1. Identify the applicable directive(s) and harmonized standards
  2. Verify product specific requirements
  3. Identify whether an independent conformity assessment is necessary
  4. Test the product and check its conformity
  5. Draw up and keep available the required technical documentation
  6. Affix the CE marking and draw up the EU Declaration of Conformity

If you have any questions regarding our services, abilities, or previous cases, please contact one of the key employees below.


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