idoc’s industrial designers and product engineers are specialists in product development. We can design your new products in close cooperation with you.

We prepare clear and precise recommendations through drawings, models and verbal and visual descriptions based on your specific requirements - and always with your customers in mind.

Experience shows that if an industrial designer is involved in the development of the product from the beginning, the products usability, reliability, and optimization of the costs will have the most favorable outcome as a result of the engineers’ expertise and focus on design and quality.

Design and development of industrial products

Our industrial designers can optimize functionality, cost, and value of your products. When we design industrial machines and products they are realized through the collection and analysis of all relevant data required to create the best possible product. Everything is based on your specific production requirements. Our designers have aesthetic competencies, creativity and extensive knowledge and experience within design and product development.



We offer solutions in all stages of the development process

idoc work as an extension of your R&D department where we will handle product development that require a special and unique skill set.

We also perform redesigns of existing products. With our experience in product development, we will help you redesign products to match new requirements, cost or reduce maintenance.

idoc’s engineers function as a diverse team, as we have different educational backgrounds, substantial expertise, and individual experience. This is an advantage for you in the product development process because we use each other’s knowledge and experience to improve and optimize, which ensure you the best results.

We also provide consultancy in relation to the CE marking of your current and new products.

The idea stage

Basis for development and product

Concept development

The test stage

The production stage

Documentation and
CE marking

If you have any questions regarding our services, abilities, or previous cases, please contact one of the key employees below.


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