At idoc, we offer three types of cooperation, each depending on what our clients demand. Our engineering consultants can work at your desired location as an integrated part of your team, or they can work on your projects from our offices. Our highly competent engineers and project managers provide valuable knowledge to your projects and can be used for as long as you need.

By using our consultants, you will gain a strong team with different specializations. We are an interdisciplinary team used to working with new teams and work practices. Our consultants are goal-oriented, effective, and innovative, with a proactive approach to assignments.

In cooperation with you, we will create the best possible solutions for your company. We are specialized within our industry, which means that we are highly adaptable and can tailor our teams to match the competencies you need.

We have an array of different consultants in our team with different educational backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences. When we are working on a project, we utilize each other’s knowledge and expertise to create the best possible results. Our team has substantial experience working in new project teams and collaborations. We apply all knowledge on our teams to the projects we work on, listens to our clients, and provide valuable feedback on all processes.

We can be helpful you in all phases of the development processes. This applies to the idea stage, in which we can assist in formulating needs, decision making, and budgeting. It applies to the development process, where we can produce 3D models of products, and the testing of products, where we make tests based on FEM analyses and help find design flaws. Lastly, it applies to the preparation stage, in which we produce technical drawings and CE markings of the product. As we can be involved in all stages, we make an effort out of having regular contact and meetings with you to make sure that you are part of the project as it progresses.


We offer custom consulting services and can take part in your projects for the desired amount of time. We can work at your team's location, or we can work from our offices. Our consulting services are highly flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs. We assist when you need extra resources in peak periods or when you need expert knowledge on a given subject.

In peak periods, you typically have to decide whether you want to hire new staff to meet demands or use outsourcing to get outside assistance for a certain period of time. By having idoc as a partner, we will assist you in peak periods, which means that you can keep utilizing internal resources and focus on their core competencies. It is important to us that we provide solutions that give you the most value and meet your expectations on quality, expenses, and time. This is why the keywords for all our solutions are flexibility, quality, and trust. We focus on working towards improving our solutions to make sure that we always provide the best results.

When our engineers, industrial designers, and technical drawers partake in a project, they work towards ensuring that your expectations and the expectations of your customers are met. When a full-time employee, the ability to use the know-how of the employee expires. When a consultant finishes a job, the possibility to use the consultant's know-how remains. Our consulting services cover our employees' individual competencies, which means that we can provide the following types of consultants:

• Mechanical engineers
• Industrial designers
• Technical designers
• Technical assistants
• Chief Engineers
• Production technologists
• Automation technologists
• Technical writers
• Software engineers
• Programmers
• Certified project managers
Many companies know their strengths and what gives them the most value. At idoc we provides solutions if you are interesting in outsourcing of specific tasks, projects, or stages of projects, so that you can keep focusing on your core competencies.

An outsourcing deal will also help reduce your fixed costs. This is because your only expense during our collaboration will be the consultants time consumption. Another benefit of outsourcing is to secure the adaptability of the company.

The motive for outsourcing is often to reduce fixed costs and secure the adaptability of the company. By collaborating with idoc, you will get access to competent and experienced partners with an array of competencies ensuring that your project will be solved effectively and of the highest quality.

Let us solve your complex assignments so that you can focus on what you do best.
idoc gives you access to a project team with different competencies and experiences. A project team from idoc can handle entire projects or specific parts of a project. Our team solves assignments at the clients or from our own offices.

We have a wide span of competencies that make us able to handle various project management roles. By hiring idoc, you get access to all competencies within our consulting firm, which guarantee a product of the highest quality.

In addition, the advantage of choosing idoc consultants is that you will not be limited to the competencies of a single engineer but have the skill set of several engineers. This is because you get access to all idoc engineers and designers, meaning that there will be a specialized employee for any kind of issue in a project. Also, this means that all deadlines will be kept and that unforeseen problems will be handled swiftly by the right individual for the task.

Project Management

idoc’s project managers ensure you the best results, structure, and overview of projects. The project manager functions as the bridge between your projects, subcontractors, and customers.

Design &

Optimize the functionality, cost, and value of your products. Our designers' competencies, in-depth knowledge, and experience create the best conditions for the development of your products.

Technical Documentation

We create documentation that complies with all legal requirements, is of the highest quality, and containing information that is reliable and accurate. Our competencies ensures that you will get the needed documentation for your projects.

Virtual Reality

Create advanced animations of your products in a virtual world with idoc. Based on 3D models, our engineers develop detailed, virtual universes centered around your products.

Education and

Our engineers develop computer-based training material for visual and interactive education and training of employees, customers, and business partners related to your products.