We cooperate with some of the leading operators in the industry and through this cooperation, we have gained valuable knowledge and know-how of the maritime and offshore industry.

Our contribution to the maritime industry:

  • Ensuring deadlines and deliverance requirements
  • Technical documentation an ensuring documentation demands
  • Coordination of information and communication
  • Identifying and implementing a “Task Management Systems”

Our contribution to the Offshore industry:

  • Coordination of information and communication between different involved parties
  • CE marking of products within the industry
  • Technical documentation
  • Production of 3D models for piping system and storage containers for offshore plants

Our contribution to the industry has, among others, been to provide a project manager to a large production of industrial pumps. We have provided technical documentation of pumps for ships, which covers various kinds of pumps for sewers, ballast, hot and cold water, and much more. Also, we have identifying and implementing an efficient “Task Management System”.

We have experience with the construction of offshore platforms.

idoc has been part of a major, international project in which one of our project managers assisted in coordinating and managing the communication between the different parties involved in the construction of three offshore platforms. We helped to ensure that steel structures were constructed and assembled correctly and within the scheduled timeline. Furthermore, we produced work drawings and models for the construction of the offshore platforms and their piping.

We have also provided technical engineers and drafting technicians to the development of seawater intake units and storage containers for an offshore plant and assisted with consultancy services and counselling on CE marking of products for the plant.