Sustainability in the Danish Defense

The green transition is not only for the civilian industry - the Ministry of Defense has ambitions too.

This week, the matter was discussed as new ambitions were set to raise sustainability in the Danish Defense.

Together with the business industry, the government has established 13 climate partnerships with the purpose of identifying which technologies, collaborations, and other actions can be beneficial for the environment. Dansk Erhverv and DI - Dansk Industri have functioned as secretariat on this matter and gathered the many inputs from different stakeholders, which was presented this Monday.

As the preferred supplier of engineering services to the Danish Armed Forces, idoc – Design Engineering & Documentation was present at this event and was highly inspired by the many initiatives and the technology behind them. We are looking forward to following the green development within the Danish Armed Forces.

You can read more about this event at Dansk Erhverv’s website here: