DALO Industry Days

idoc is participating in DALO Industry Days next week! This event has grown to become the largest defense and technology exhibition in not only Denmark but also the entire Nordic region. Beyond facilitating conversations between the Armed Forces and Industry, DALO Industry Days also serve as a showcase for projects and innovations from various companies.

At idoc, we're proud of our close collaboration with the Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation. This collaboration places us at the forefront of defense innovation, and we're excited to be part of this event and showcase our latest contributions to the defense sector.

We look forward to exchanging insights, forging new partnerships, and collectively shaping the future of defense solutions.

Are you attending the DALO INDUSTRY DAYS? We invite you to come and see the Piranha 5.

The Piranha 5 is designed for the Danish Army and presents a tangible example of the possibilities for the Danish Defense Industry through an Industrial Collaboration with an international OEM, specifically the Swiss company GDELS Mowag.

Marc Damgaard and Morten Ford will be present to demonstrate idoc’s contribution for the Piranha 5 consisting of virtual training solutions.

Peer Mørk, Jakob Ørum, Emil Molested, and Louise Aaen Dalsgaard will furthermore be representing idoc and are looking forward to discussing current matters and new opportunities within the defense industry.

Meet us in the Top Danmark building at stand 3 or come see the Piranha 5 at outdoor area 10.