The Anaconda Tactical Bridge-Laying System

Congratulations to General Dynamics European Land Systems, who have just showcased their Anaconda tactical bridge-laying system mounted on a high-mobility 8x8 HX2 carrier vehicle.
The Anaconda is the latest version of the well-known BIBER ("beaver") bridge, allowing even heavy forces to cross gaps. Previously, bridge-laying systems were reserved for tracked vehicles, but with this advancement on to a wheeled platform, it has become possible to mount the system on other vehicles, making the solution more relevant, for example, to NGOs.
idoc has been a part of the early phases of this project, where we have designed the technical integration on to the vehicle. Among other things, our involvement encompassed the design of the remote semi-automatic deployment and retraction control system. idoc delivered the final design including production documentation to GDELS. Their competent staff took the new solution through prototyping and testing. At idoc, we are particularly proud of this project, which is of a complex nature.
The project is a result of industrial operation, which aims to enhance the competencies of Danish companies, and this international collaboration has also been highly beneficial for idoc's development and strengthened our competences on the domain of complex heavy bridge gapping equipment.