Are you our new colleague?

Since idoc – Design Engineering & Documentation was founded in 2010, it has been a company in fast development.

idoc was originally founded to assist The Danish Armed Forces but has since the founding of the company been in constant development and is today a well-established consulting firm assisting companies in many different industries.

idoc’s growth and the increased demand for our competencies have made an expansion of idoc possible, and the company has gone from being a small local engineering company to becoming an international company with multiple offices in Denmark as well as in Poland.

Interested in working at a fast-growing company with high ambitions? As our portfolio of clients is growing and expanding, we need to be close to our new clients, and therefore we are looking for employees for our office in Vejle.

Read more out a possible career at idoc on our website or contact us at +45 35 12 39 39