idoc panorama

idoc PANORAMA is an interactive reference work for all your documentation. The program works on all devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and computers.


idoc Panorama offers a wide range of features, all designed to make your documentation as easy as possible. These functions include, among others, a collection of your 2D and 3D models and working drawings.

Moreover, the program offers a search function that enables swift access to your entire portfolio, a collection of all your manuals, and an archive for spare parts, which all allow you to find whatever document you are searching for in seconds.

This also entails easy access for customers, which means that they will also be able to find relevant documentation easily on your idoc Panorama site.

Control access and availability

A core function of idoc Panorama is that you have the opportunity to control which of your employees that have access to the program and which files and folders the individual employee has access to. This ensures that you will have full control and overview of sensitive and confidential documents.

In addition, you have the opportunity to restrict the individual employee's access to files, so that the employee has a clear and distinct overview of the files that are relevant to him or her.

This ensures that your employees will not spend unnecessary time forming an overview of your documentation, but instead, they will always have the quickest access to his or her most relevant files.

Customized design

In addition to being practical, we have also made an effort out of designing idoc Panorama so that you can customize your page with your company logo and colors so that your idoc PANORAMA matches your company profile and aesthetics.

Go to idoc Panorama to find out more about how your company and customers can benefit from the service.

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