Consulting Assistance and Documentation for Hoyer.


  • Product Development
  • Product design
  • Standardization


Hoyer needed assistance in standardizing the axles for their brake motors, which came in four different types and several sizes.


To address Hoyer's challenges, idoc has contributed:

  • Designing axles for brake motors in various sizes and with brake types from four different suppliers.
  • Standardizing the axles, so that a limited number of different axle variants can cover all the brake motors.
  • Assisting with setting up BOM (Bill of Materials) lists
  • Assisting with the design and guidance for the existing brake motors.
  • Assisting with the design and guidance for specially designed brake motors.


idoc's contributions mean that a limited number of axle variants can now cover a large number of brake motors, leading to the standardization of Hoyer's brake motor program. This standardization further reduces manufacturing costs and minimizes the chance of design errors.


About Hoyer

Hoyer Motors is a large company with customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1974 and has been involved in the development of electric motors since then. In addition to electric motor development, the company is currently engaged in documentation and service related to the motors.

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