Collaboration with Nature Energy

We create value for companies.

In our collaboration with Nature Energy, we support them in peak periods.

In these periods, we handle their extra workload and support Nature Energy with services such as project design, 2D drawings, and production of 3D models, among others.

By using idoc, Nature Energy can outsource assignments when they have more projects than usual.

This partnership means that Nature Energy can use the competencies of our consultants again and again while minimizing costs and resources at the same time.

Moreover, the knowledge and know-how our consultants gain while handling assignments at our clients will be maintained for later assignments.

Having idoc’s consultants at hand minimizes their expenses during peak periods, ensures that they always have the right number of workers, and enables them to pick and choose between our highly skilled and experienced consultants.

If you want more info on our services and employees’ competencies, go to -> or give us a call at +45 35 12 39 39.