Happy Birthday to our CEO

A big congratulations to our CEO Peer Mørk, who is turning 60 today.

Despite his age, Peer is still capable of a rapid reaction, and we know few men, who can go from 0 to 100 as Peer can. Whether it is on his bike or in the office, you can count on Peer for a quick reaction, and there is not far from thought to action.

Since Peer started in idoc – Design Engineering & Documentation back in 2015, he has led the company to incredible results. During this period the number of employees has more than doubled, and idoc has received several of Børsen’s Gazelle-awards.

They say men age like good wine, but you can judge yourself from the pictures on LinkedIn: https://llk.dk/q2h1xc

Happy birthday Peer, from all your employees – we hope you enjoy your day off.