Explore the possiblities within Virtual Reality


Are you curious about how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality can create new opportunities for your company?

At idoc – Design Engineering & Documentation, we have an experienced team with great knowledge about the virtual universe. Therefore, we can offer you the best possible guidance on how this new technology can be used in areas such as product development, education and training, sales, service and maintenance, and safety.

Come meet us at DALO’s Industrial Day, where we will be ready to explain how the potential of Virtual Reality can be utilized in your company.

Our experienced team will be ready to guide you on how to use the technology, and you will have the opportunity to try Virtual Reality yourself.

DALO's Industrial Day is taking place on the 26th of August in Ballerup. Read more about the event at https://fmi.dk/en/

If you want to learn more about Virtual Reality, you can contact us at (+45) 35 12 39 39 or read more on our website https://idoc.as/en/ydelser/virtual-reality-mixed-reality-augmented-reality/