Product and design development for Carsoe


  • Product and design development
  • Documentation
  • Working Drawings


Carsoe needed our expertise in optimizing and developing industrial products. In addition, they lacked the resources to prepare various working drawings.


To handle Carsoe's challenges, idoc contributed with:

  • Development of transport systems (conveyors, vessels, chutes, etc.) for factory trawlers.
  • Development and design of weighing units for factory trawlers.
  • Development and design of processing and packaging handling systems for a food factory.
  • Various drawings for manufacturing and ordering of goods.


idoc provided solutions to Carsoe within the development and design of various components for their production. We have an in-depth understanding of design development and were responsible for the production of technical drawings with the purpose of developing Carsoe's production for the industry and optimize their machines.

About Carsoe

At Carsoe, they produce high-quality, stainless-steel products and solutions for the seafood and food industry worldwide. They contribute in the entire process from product development, construction, and production, to installation and start of operation at the customer.

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