Production of working drawings for Daniatech


  • Documentation 
  • Working Drawings 
  • Sales Material


Daniatech needed our expertise on working and sales drawings in connection with the base of their production.



To handle Daniatech’s challenges, idoc contributed with:

  • Documentation for industrial products.
  • Working drawings for Daniatech’s production.
  • Sales drawings for products.



idoc has prepared the base for Daniatech's production, which has ensured that their customers have a practical and visual overview of product information.

We have developed high-quality, energy-efficient solutions for the base of the production and made Daniatech's products maintenance-free. In addition, we have produced working drawings, which have increased the product usability by drawing up guidelines ensuring that users get a product that lives up to their needs and expectations.


About Daniatech

Daniatech manufactures mixers for the food industry. Their mixers can handle industrial blends of dairy products, prepared foods, and medicinal products.

Chief Sales Officer


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Jakob Ørum, for more information
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