Development project for Danish Crane Building


  • Product Development
  • Documentation 
  • 3D modeling


Danish Crane Building needed our expertise in a development project involving a new grab shovel and poly grab series, which were to be implemented in the overall product range of their crane systems.



To handle Danish Crane Building's challenges, idoc contributed with:

  • Redesign of grab shovel and poly grab series
  • Development of 3D modeling of components for product development.
  • Preparation of working drawings for the development project



idoc developed a new series of both shovel types produced in-house. In addition, we ensured that the shovels were reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to replace parts on.

The development of the new design was made based on thorough research and collection of DCB's own experiences with the different types of shovels. The challenge for the new design of the shovel was the height, as a DCB customer had limited space where the bucket had to be installed. In this connection, we optimized and re-designed the location of the cylinders on the shovel.

In addition to the shovel grabs, we also created a new solution for DCB's poly grabs. In the re-designed poly grabs of 4 m3, standardization has been incorporated, as several parts of the poly grab at 8 m3 can now be reused or used with limited modifications. Our know-how within the development of products, skill sets, and engineers have made it possible to ensure and create the best product and solutions for DCB's development.


About Danish Crane Building

DCB delivers overhead cranes, process cranes, swing cranes, wire hoists, chain hoists, and gantry cranes, based on a standardized scheme adapted to each customer's needs and wishes.

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