Technical assistance for Marel


  • Product Development
  • Documentation
  • Setup of product directory


Marel needed our expertise in developing their products and technical assistance during peak periods.



To handle Marel's challenges, idoc has contributed with:

  • Product Development
  • Preparation of various technical documents
  • Working drawings
  • Management and setup of a product catalog



idocs has been responsible for product development of a range of Marel's products in which our consultant acted as an extension of the in-house development department. In addition, we have prepared technical drawings for the production, created 3D models thereof, and produced documentation for the various products. Through our contributions, idoc’s solutions have strengthened the overall documentation and handling of Marel's products.

We have primarily worked for Marel at their office in Støvring, where several of our consultants have worked on their projects. The projects have required different competencies, which is why idoc's consultants and know-how have been particularly useful.


About Marel

Marel is a supplier of integrated systems as well as standardized stand-alone machines for the meat industry, the fishing industry, and the poultry industry. Their product range spans across the entire production process - from receiving unprocessed material to packaging and labeling the final product.

Chief Sales Officer


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