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Stena Recycling needed our expertise in the project phase regarding a facility in Grenaa costing DKK 75 million and their ambition of having zero landfill at the location. With our solutions, the plant is now ready to recycle 45,000 tonnes of waste.



To meet Stena Recycling's challenges, idoc contributed with:

  • Provided a project manager for the construction site.
  • Coordination of several subcontractors and over 100 men on site, as well as planning time and finances in collaboration with Stena's project managers.
  • 3D drawings of the plant and coordination of location of components.
  • Project design and engineering calculations on structures for machines and conveyor belts.



idoc's project manager optimized and coordinated the entire construction process, including coordination of subcontractors and over 100 men on the construction site. We also ensured compliance with deadlines and time planning of the project. In addition, we followed up on the agreements entered with the subcontractors financially.

idoc provided construction drawings and 3D CAD modeling of the plant, which involved the preparation of an overall 3D drawing and construction of the entire plant, including placement of components. For the project, we also prepared small elements so that the overall construction would function optimally.


About Stena Recycling

Stena Recycling is part of the Stena Metal Group, which carries out recycling systems. They design and adapt solutions within recycled paper, cardboard, iron, metal, environmentally hazardous waste, and electronic waste. Stena Recycling strives to create an efficient and profitable waste economy, environmental benefits, and a high level of safety.

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