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Jasopels needed our expertise for product development of new equipment for the fur industry. The focus of the collaboration was on compact and automated systems as well as general optimization of products.


To meet Jasopel's challenges, idoc contributed with:

  • A compact design in which electronic transport plates and mechanical parts are shielded.
  • Optimized machine functions so that fewer spare parts are needed.
  • Improved design so that maintenance is easier and faster to carry out.


Our consultants have developed their new product, Mastercut, by testing and preparing the Mastercut prototype in terms of design and improving the documentation for the first product series. We have also designed Jasopel's wrap machine, T5 Maxi Stretch, focusing on reliability, easy operation, and making sure that it can easily be adapted to many different fur types.

Jasopels wanted a new version of their popular T5 Scraper. The goal was a simpler, more professional design and full automation of the machine and its cleaning system. Based on the T5 model, we developed the new T6 Scraper. With idocs design, the cleaning is almost fully automated, and the machine is less noisy and more efficient than the previous edition.

Our consultants have also optimized Jasopels' MAXI Trolley by redesigning a new cabinet, new locking system for the transport plates, and a new fan assembly for the trolley.


About Jasopels

Jasopels A/S is one of the leading suppliers to the fur industry and produces, among other things, fur machines, feeding machines, and cages. They focus on providing high standard products and services to breeders all over the world. They strive to offer production solutions to breeders and help improve breeders' profitability.

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